This key insight from the creator of the Showtime Rotisserie could fix most software marketing problems

Malcolm Gladwell commenting on master pitchman Ron Popeil, creator of the Showtime Rotisserie: In every respect the design of the product must support the transparency and effectiveness of its performance during a demonstration – the better it looks onstage, the easier it is for the pitchman to go into the turn and ask for the […]

What I did on Day 1 at AppealTrack

Today was officially day 1 with AppealTrack. I’m preparing to crush it with this great SaaS company (thanks again for the intro, Dustin). We’re well beyond minimum viable product (MVP) with a mature feature set and growing customer base. Now it’s time to step on the gas and scale new business. My friends at Expected […]

Understanding Marketing Automation {infographic}

From: HubSpot Marketing Software

Are You Part of a Tribe?

Seth Godin’s latest book entitled Tribes arrived last week along with a letter. The first few chapters have been great.  And Seth’s simple note sent to everyone who ordered his book in advance (requirement for joining his tribe, of which I am a proud member) reinforces why his is my favorite blog. Thanks, Seth!  Keep […] Screams Relevancy

– I stumbled upon a really interesting group of websites today called  According the their website: LOUD3R is a network of exhaustive, topic-driven websites. We gather and publish the best content from blogs, news and editorial sites, including photos and videos for any given topic. LOUD3R ranks the content, pushing the most important stories […]

The Magic of Marketing

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Seth Godin blogged about this quote from Arthur C. Clarke. Lately I have been thinking about the correlation between technology and magic. It reminds me the movie The Prestige. I think that, like Alfred in the movie, there are many people who are experts at technology/illusion but […]