Making the Sale Infographic

The thought of making a sales call causes most people to break out in a cold sweat! But for new business owners, successful sales calls can make or break their business. So sales calls are something that must be tackled. Some people seem to have been born with the ‘gift of the gab’. They breeze through sales calls and more often than not achieve their purpose. However for the majority of us awkwardly tongue-tied mortals, with a bit of practice and a smidge of courage we can become better sales people by developing techniques that suit us and our personality.

Here are 5 pro tips for making your first call:

  1. Introduce yourself and your business in a compelling way. Don’t be conventional & think outside of the box when it comes to greetings.
  2. Always be prepared. You don’t necessarily have to read verbatim from a script but figure out your angle before your pick up the phone to avoid a bumbling pitch.
  3. Ask open ended questions to further the conversation and learn more. Yes and no answers tend to cut things short.
  4. Try to be objective. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and present information about your product accordingly.
  5. Always say thank you at the end, even if you didn’t make a sale or get a meeting. Leave them with a good remembrance of your company for the future.

Entrepreneurial Sales Infographic

About the Guest Author: Vicky works alongside Precept Optimum Performance providing sales coaching in the UK. She loves to write business related articles on tough subjects!

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