2012 Resolutions: Design & Develop

It’s a new year. And my New Year’s resolutions feel more urgent now that I’m 29. The 20’s are about learning. Most people spend the first few years of their 20’s in college. Then there’s the series of jobs leading to career advancement or grad school. Maybe you start a company that ends in failure […]

Correlation vs Causation math-o-graphic

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How Education is Being Reinvented Online

My brother-in-law teaches 6th grade math. So when I discovered a TED video about how the Kahn Academy is reinventing the classroom with video, I had to tell him about it. When school starts in 2 weeks, a handful of math classes at Center Grove Middle School Central in Greenwood, IN, will be learning math […]

The Surprising Math of Cities and Corporations

Message for Teachers

Why America’s teachers are enraged

Make up your mind: public or private

NOT Waiting for Superman: Who’s Bashing Teachers & Public Schools

Thought-provoking rebuttal to the documentary Waiting for Superman. At the 30 minute mark he reveals the history of charter schools. Did you know a Stanford study found that only 17% of charter schools actually produce better results than public schools?

Bailout Costs vs. Historical Event Spending

4 ways to accept the Kingdom

1. Path hardened heart Satan steals 2. Rocky receive with joy endure for a while tribulation comes fall away – too hard 3. Thorny cares of the world deceitfulness of riches desire for other things unfruitful 4. Good hear accept bear fruit (30/60/100)